An excellent bone &
muscle anatomy
book. This is the
standard text for
massage schools.

The companion
workbook is well
worth the effort,
for those who
want to learn.

A doctor tells of
her discovery that
food was the cause
of her chronic pain,
& how she responded.
~*~ ~*~

An introduction to
acupressure, how
to use it, and the
effects of specific

Much more spendy
than the freebie
below, but researched
& written by a
leading authority.

Things you can do
with aromatherapy,
once you know how
to use it safely.
(Please use it safely!)

Using Essential Oils Safely

This is an extremely handy reference site for anyone who wants to use essential oils. It is run by a certified Aromatherapist, who offers a free e-book download, along with the reference material published to her site.

If you are using essential oils in any way, do yourself a favor and be sure you're doing so safely!