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Aromatherapy is the integration of essential oils into the massage. This can be used to aid in relaxation, elevate the mood, or address a specific concern. The application of Aromatherapy in massage is done by mixing the oils into the lotion or oil to be used in the session. No oils will be diffused at any time in the massage.

*Athelas uses Young Living Essential Oils

*Athelas does not offer Aromatherapy with Pregnancy Massage or Cryotherapy, or to clients with epilepsy.

*Aromatherapy is an additional $10 charge to cover materials and prep time.

*Please inform your therapist of any sensitivities or health concerns.

*For massages done outside the home office, please inform Athelas 24 hours before your massage so the therapist can be prepared with the proper materials.

The essential oil/lotion blend that remains after the massage will be given to the client.