Deep Tissue

Primary Style Deep therapeutic work, Addressing specific issues
Session Lengths Integrated only*
Details at a Glance Clothed* Unclothed* Lotion/Oil* No lotion/oil* Table* Chair

Deep Tissue work is surrounded by misconceptions. Many people think that Deep Tissue is about pressure, but in reality, deep tissue simply means that the therapist sinks into deeper layers of muscle tissue. Throughout the body, muscles are layered on top of each other. The standard Swedish Massage is about circulation and touch in general and does not necessarily target all the deepest muscles. Deep Tissue is simply precisely what its name suggests.

Some people think that Deep Tissue is supposed to hurt. This is not necessarily the case. Sometimes, the tissue is irritable enough that any touch hurts. Generally speaking, if the therapist slows down and sinks in as the tissue allows, Deep Tissue does not hurt.

Because it slows the massage down and adds intensity to the work, Deep Tissue is not a full-body, foundation massage. It is meant to be used for specific areas, not everywhere in one session.